Educational Surrogate

A surrogate parent is a person who is appointed to act in the interests of a student who does not have a parent who can make educational decisions. The surrogate parent works with the school to plan the child’s special education services.

SB 1677 Increases the Access to Education for Foster Children

Current law permits the juvenile court to limit the right of the parent/guardian to make educational decisions for the child. (W.I. 361) However, current law does not provide for the appointment of someone else to make those decisions, once this right is removed.

SB 1677 clarifies the issue by requiring the juvenile court to appoint a “responsible adult” to make educational decisions after the court limits the right of the parent/guardian to make those decisions. The persons appointed by the juvenile court will have the authority to make decisions on behalf of children who are in either regular or special education programs. (Sections 3, 5 & 7 of the bill.)

As a parent, we must advocate for our children to ensure our children have everything they need to be successful.